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23/11/2010 – Vitor Rodrigues and Castor by Glauco Guimarães

Glauco Guimaraes CastorGlauco Guimaraes Vitinho


AzazelAzazel is one of the songs from TORTURE SQUAD’s new album, Aequilibrium.

That lyrics talks about the return of Azazel to earth, according to the Enoch’s book, Azazel was one of the leader of fallen angels that came down to this earth to live among humans teaching about war weapons.

“That lyrics was born from joke, in other words, impossible to naturally. We’re more excited about for the instrumental part that reminds one of our influences – Morbid Angel – and in a certain moment this track I sang Azazel. After rehearsals I saw that title worked perfectly, so I searched a lot and that’s it.” Said the vocalist Vitor Rodrigues.

Azazel was also the inspiration to fantastic art of Abraão Lucas. “This was my point of view about Azazel… I’d want to make something really good to TORTURE SQUAD fans like it.” Declares the talent artist.

Check out Abraão Lucas’ art: